““If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – African Proverb

Our Members

Meet the wonderful people who have joined Stoep to connect, work and collaborate. Once a Stoep member, always a Stoep member. From diverse industries, our coworking collective has grown into a powerful, skilled, experienced and supportive ecosystem of freelancers and small businesses.

These are the ones we exist for, co-create with and call family.

Kate Dearlove

Sheree Comninellis

Eric Von Bratt

Fiona Anderson

van Meygaarden-Davis

James Bisset

John Standley

Camilla Dias

Juliet Mey

Craig Rafferty

Kelly Brownell

Laura Bester

Valerie Anderson

Skye MacInnes

Monica Tyler-Davies

Monica Tyler-Davies

Liezel de Waal

Megan Franklin

Jenny Rust

Rose Brown

Greer Schoeman

Nandipha Gana

Jonathan Visser

We’re all about making the circle bigger.

And to our extended Stoep community, thank you for your continued support

Our Vendors