Welcome to Stoep Startup!

We’re a unique co-working space and hub for social innovators, entrepreneurs and startups in the heart of Cape Town’s southern suburbs.

What is a Co-Working space?

Co-working spaces are not your regular office. They are collaborative spaces that offer entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups with far more than office facilities. The magic of co-working spaces exists in the community and support they provide through their warm and connected environment. They offer an escape from the isolation of a home office or the expenses of a coffee shop. They often have a kitchen and communal spaces to make it your home away from home.

Co-working spaces nurture a strong platform for connection and various levels of support and motivation for all members. Often a great professional eco-system emerges as the co-workers connect and collaborate across their various disciplines.

Venue Hire

Stoep Startup, hidden by thick greenery and an ancient oak, is the perfect space for your board meetings, workshops, intimate events and meet-up groups. The various rooms and spaces in the house provide a warm environment for almost any occasion, whether it be a professional networking evening, an interactive workshop or a casual book club gathering.

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